Adventure Journal

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Seaway Hike - June 12, 2007

Tuesday, June 12 - 2007
11:30 – 13:30
Start: 11:30
Roads: Dry / clear
Visibility: 24km
Temp: +28C
Area: St. Lawrence Seaway, Thorold, Ontario Canada
Vehicle: Suburban
Weather: Sunny / Clear
Trail Conditions: Dry dirt
Hikers: Tori, Wolf, Lupis, Merlin, Morgana
Plan: Find the East side trail from the rail bridge to the Siren Sounds dam.

We were supposed to do this hike with my old friend Sarah G. but sadly her mobile phone was off after repeated calls. We have been hiking the seaway property for years but have never discovered an Eastern route from the train bridge to the Siren Sounds dam (The dam got it's name from the giant letters spray painted on it which state "Danger when SIREN SOUNDS beware of large waves")

11:30 We arrived off Glendale ave. to Old Seaway Haulage Road to discover the remnants of an old Jimmy 4x4 truck, badly vandalised. While we were examining it, a Seaway truck pulled up and questioned us about the vehicle.

11:54 Arrive at the starting point for our hike.

12:18 We arrived on the East side of the old locks after crossing the train bridge and got some photos, then headed on.

12:40 We headed up part of the escarpment only to find ourselves right beside Walker Industries Quarry. Aparantly we are on a Bruce Trail side trail according to the blue trail markers.

12:51 We saw in the distance the Siren Sounds dam as we descended the steep hills. En-route down the dam, Tori slipped on some rocks and scraped up her right underneath. I administered some first aid in the form of cleaning the area with Purell steraliser.

12:55 We stopped at the dam to rest and give the dogs some water

13:24 After a nice rest, we took the dirt-road trail back to the truck, on our way we found someones g-string underwear hanging from a tree. Defiantly worth the photos! We arrived back at the truck safely. Wolfs right arm is still troubling him from the motorcycle accident a few days earlier and Tori's right arm in pain from the scrape. Tori wore her black pants, grey & blue striped shirt, adventure hat and camelbak viper backpack. Wolf wore his Keen shoes, camouflage pants, brown ex-officio Jeep shirt, Adventure hat, camelbak viper backpack and black radical riding gloves.